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Glenhyrst presents Doris Slater Titus: Retrospective, 1941-1964 online!

This exhibition features the work of artist and educator Doris Slater Titus, and marks the first solo exhibition of her work in nearly 60 years. It features Titus's comic book illustrations, commercial designs, mural samples, and over twenty-five paintings and drawings from private and public collections across Canada and England. During her short life, Titus was often subjected to sexism and discrimination that overshadowed her artistic accomplishments. Today, she is recognized as the first woman comic book artist in Canada and for her experiments with abstract painting, such as using her own bathwater as a medium. These unique paintings demonstrate Titus's passion for colour, understanding of composition, and enthusiasm for changing styles. Less is known about the murals she painted, based on folk tales and nursery rhymes, for Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, which are now believed to be destroyed. For these and other reasons, Doris Slater Titus has made a significant contribution to the cultural history of Canada.

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