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Downtown Detours | Downtown Brantford | November 6 - December 1st, 2017 | 7amOnkwehon:we Matters, Woodland Cultural Centre, Saturday August 19 - Friday December 22. Opening Reception on August 19 @ 3pmDevlin's Advocate has Taco Tuesdays beginning at 11!The Look Of Things: Murray Favro & Keith Shearsby. September 30 - November 26, 2017. Opening Reception: October 5 at 7pmThe Olde School Restaurant features a different Chef's Luncheon Special each week! This is the current special! Zanders has $10 Pasta TuesdaysThe Olde School Restaurant has a different Chef Dinner Special each week! This is the current one! Turnt-Up Tuesdays at Club NV from 8:30pm through 10pm with Melanie Crawford