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Mondays at The Augusta House GastroPub you can get great deals on Gourmet Poutine!Enjoy a 40 minute tour at the Art Gallery of Hamilton at 2 PM on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays. DTF (DOWN TO It is a buck a shuck at Two Black Sheep every day from 4 - 6!The Staircase Theatre has Improv-FUNdementals every Monday! Monday nights are Bingo Nights at This Ain't Hollywood at 7 PM!Except For Kenneth has Trivia every Monday Night at 8 PM! Black Sheep Snack Bar has Bar Trivia every Monday night at 8 PM! Dan Bern Concert in Hamilton. Monday September 25, 2017 @ This Ain't Hollywood. Time is 9pmSons of Comedy - Steel City Comedy Night this Monday September 25, 2017 @ Doors Metal Bar. Time is 9pm