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Film Norfolk is growing one location at a time!

Welcome to FilmNorfolk. FilmNorfolk is currently forming a nonprofit organization thanks to the support of Venture Norfolk, The Ontario Film Commission, The Corporation of Norfolk County, and the Simcoe and District Chamber of Commerce.

FilmNorfolk's mandate is to introduce Norfolk County to the lucrative Film/TV Industry in Ontario. The group's efforts began in 2021 in a grassroots manner and has now grown to a group of 15 to 20 individuals so far.

If you are interested in joining our newsletters or being involved as a volunteer, employee, advocate, or board member, please email us at the email below.

FilmNorfolk's goal is to demonstrate the unique locations in the Norfolk County area and attract in large film and television productions from all over the world.

The Ontario Film Commission has an online Location Library. This is the first stop of any large production coming into Ontario, they even have an office in Los Angelos to connect producers.

In a partnership with the Ontario Film Commission, Norfolk County's most unique locations will be captured and listed by their professional photographers.

How amazing is that... and they will continue to add more each year! However, you can also add them.. your house, your business, your farm, etc.. If you would like to see your location on the big screen, please look at the following information. Click here for information on adding your location

Do you have a RESOURCE a production would need? Do you have large parking lot? Or trained in the industry? The film industry needs all sort of components from artists to welders.

If you have or are a resource for the film industry if they come to Norfolk County, please add yourself under the SouthWestern Category.

Click here to view the Film Resource Directory

Click here to add to the Production Resource Guide

Stay tuned for information on our surveys to see if you are interested to be trained in the industry! And we have some cool merchandise coming out if you would like to support us, keep checking back!

Contact us, we want to hear from you:

Join us on Facebook Group: FilmNorfolk

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