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Lighthouse Festival Theatre has the first act of Pack of Thieves available for theatre fans! This is Norm Foster's most recent work!

Dear Theatre fans,

Here it is!

The first act of Norm Foster's new play Pack of Thieves. Our story takes place in suburbia where five of the most inept criminals you have ever met are going over the details of their heist.

Our band of merry thieves is made up of two friends, the masterminds behind the heist with absolutely zero experience, the twins whose last job didn't end well, and an proven bank robber, Padre, who helpfully points out the many holes in their plan.

As I read act one, each chuckle, shake of the head and eye roll brought me memories of the theatre bursting with laughter. I look forward to you returning to your seats so we can share in the joys of live theatre again soon.

Happy reading my friends,

Derek Ritschel

Artistic Director

Lighthouse Festival Theatre


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