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4instance is a sensory feast featuring the works of Lynda Jones, her husband Dennis Jones, emerging artist Alex Chorny, and Annie Dudink, it is on until May 8th at the Old Town Hall.

Alex Chorny

Alex Chorny is a multi-media artist based in Burlington, Ontario. He is currently enrolled in the Studio Art Honours Program at Brock University's Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, following his studies of Accounting and Finance, and Life Sciences at the University of Waterloo. Alex has always been deeply moved by the arts and is fascinated by the many advances in technology, mineralogy, chemistry, and the mathematics and physics that shape the associated symmetries and structures around us. Having both scientific and artistic interests, he draws inspiration from exploring these diverse fields and enjoys discovering parallels between seemingly unrelated subjects on both macro and micro scales.

Lynda Jones

My name is Lynda jones, I like to take my own path experimenting as I go. I love the uncontrolled effects of the inks as they take me in a new direction making each painting a journey of magic opening up to new horizons.

Annie Dudink

My passion is the making of art, with oil or acrylic, watercolour, clay, stone, or wood. My latest enjoyment is making art with pen and ink. What I do like the most of it, is the beauty of the colours, the power and the energy that will come out of it. Hope you will share this wonderful enjoyment with me.

Dennis Jones

My name is Dennis Jones, I started my art career later in life 4 years ago at the age of 78.

I have been inspired by the brilliant colours of Mexico bringing forward the joys of reds, yellows and blues, the colours of nature. I love the innocence of the faces of the children and young people and the happiness that seems to glow from their faces.

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