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The Hiking Trails are open for your Enjoyment! Norfolk County Heritage and Culture's new video series Carved in StoneLighthouse Festival Theatre has the first act of Pack of Thieves available for theatre fans! This is Norm Foster's most recent work!There is a big clothing drive happening for Norfolk County farm workers! Cabin 519 is launching, take a look! Matz Fruit Barn's Self Serve Station is Open! Village Cannabis is now open! Linda Allison Events + Everyday is now open and operating in Norfolk County!Order delicious microgreens from JD Microgreens!4instance is a sensory feast featuring the works of Lynda Jones, her husband Dennis Jones, emerging artist Alex Chorny, and Annie Dudink, it is on until May 8th at the Old Town Hall.Indulge Ice Cream is now Open! David's Restaurant now Delivers!Enjoy David's Restaurant's Tuesday Date Night at Home!Felicia McMinn is doing a live concert for free on Facebook on Tuesday May 11 at 6:30 pm.