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Operating since 2014.

CultureRodeo's mandate is to support local arts + culture digitally.


And although Culture Rodeo does its best to provide information to locals and tourists, they as well fall victim to human error and accept no responsibility for errorenous information and apologize to anyone that may suffer in anyway if such a situation occurs!


About the Founder, Tanya van Rooy

Here is a great interview that was done about Tanya van Rooy by Sound Analysis.

Here is a podcast of Live From the Dutch Hall that hosted Tanya.

The May 14th 2016, Norfolk News 'This Ain't Her First Rodeo'

The July 13th 2016, Simcoe Reformer 'Simcoe gets its own art crawl'

The September 14 2016, Simcoe Reformer 'Street festival in Simcoe celebrates offshore workers'

Also! Culture Rodeo had done a couple of 'What's Up' shows!

The first one had Elana Post, a local theatre producer, director, and actor, telling Culture Rodeo, what was up.

The second show had Pete VanDyk, a local podcaster in the studio, to tell us what was up!